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One Man's treasure has served 950 men to date

You Make a DIFFERENCE...

12,000 men have been helped by One Man’s Treasure since it was founded and we are proud to celebrate the 12th anniversary of North Texas Giving Day with Communities Foundation of North Texas.  This event has been an important fundraising event for our organization each of these years, and this year is no exception. 


As men are released from imprisonment, they find themselves with limited support, low self-esteem, and the fear of acceptance by others as they begin  their new lives in the free world. Throughout the journey of re-entry they face various challenges and seek the right support as they search for employment opportunities and becoming active members of their communities. 


One Man’s Treasure has dedicated its ministry efforts over the past fifteen years towards helping these returning men overcome these challenges by providing them with high quality sets of clothing and giving them additional support through our volunteer shepherds’ visits and referrals to resources for their other needs. We have witnessed first-hand the true difference it makes in the lives of these men, raising their self-esteem and helping them find hope for a better future. 


None of this could have been accomplished without the hundreds of hours our volunteers have dedicated to sorting and preparing the sets of clothing, the miles driven to deliver the clothes, the willingness of our volunteer shepherds to be one of these men’s first contacts during their critical time of transition,  and the support and donations from so many generous people and partners who believe in our mission to serve these men who are so often overlooked. 


Join us in changing hearts during North Texas Giving Day and giving these men a start at a new life.

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