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The Ripple Effect of Good Actions - Meet Bobby

Bobby is grateful for all of life’s moments and has a heart for helping others. Released from incarceration after 11 years, he has a new world view and knows his life’s purpose is meant to serve his fellow man.

With a new job, Bobby is happily employed, and is spending free-time at one of two churches where he graces the doors almost anytime they are open. He attends worship, events and participates in small group where he shares the joys and challenges of life with like-minded Christians. “We talk about things that are going on in our lives, or maybe we are having problems and we can talk them out,” he said. “I love staying busy in the church because I know I am doing something positive.”

He likes fishing and working on cars, but his passion project is to create a non-profit to support those recently released from prison by developing relationships with them as they navigate transitions. “I would like to take them out for a meal and talk to them about how they deal with adversity in their lives and how to overcome it so they don’t go back to prison,” Bobby said. “I want to blog about it and empower others to know that whatever is going on in their life, it is not that bad.”

And he knows what it is like to receive. One Man’s Treasure procured clothing for Bobby

which has helped him make a successful transition. He said he was particularly happy since he was struggling to get clothes or shoes to fit his tall frame. “Everything fit perfectly,” he said. “I’m wearing the shoes they gave me, a size 15. I can’t even go to Walmart and get my size.”

His new lease on life has been positive and he wants to help others reach a place of joy and happiness, too. “I’m so grateful for many things in my life right now and I want to give back.”

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