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Stop what you are doing and close your eyes. Picture yourself in a world that was once very familiar. You are surrounded by friends and family - a warm bed to sleep in, a safe home, and full belly. Fast forward, you are dropped in this very same world- but now you have to find clothing, a job, and a place to live with ONLY $50 in your pocket. 

As a non-profit, One Man's Treasure relies solely on the support of individuals, churches, and private foundations to provide program and operational funding to support our mission. 

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We make it easy to give:

 Give online


You can donate through Paypal or your credit card.

It's quick, easy, and you don't even need an account!







Mail your gift 

Please make a gift or monthly donation pledge online or by mailing your check to:


One Man's Treasure

519 I-30 E. #211

Rockwall, TX 75087

If you would like to make a donation in memory or honor of someone, please include their name on the "Write a note (Optional)" section to be recognized. 

Immediate Needs
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