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Successful night from our "It's a Blue Dog Night" Event

Our exclusive event of the year, "It's a Blue Dog Night", that occurred on August 11th at the Beaudry Gallery in Dallas, Texas was outstanding.

We had the honor to be presented with George Rodrigue's most famous paintings of his "Blue Dog" collection, solely exposed for sale around the art gallery. Additionally, the many Neiman Marcus' catalogues that featured some of Rodrigue's artwork were also available for the public's appreciation.

Our guests were able to walk around the exhibit visiting with one another and exploring the art pieces, buy raffle tickets for our "Butterflies are Free" by George Rodrigues giveaway, all while enjoying Bob Jenkins' South Louisiana style "feast" and hors d'oeuvres.

One Man's Treasure would like to thank Mary Beaudry and Janardan Meyer of Beaudry Gallery for allowing us to host the event at their beautiful gallery.

Also, we feel gratitude towards Cayman Clevenger of who provided us with the "Butterflies are Free" painting by George Rodrigue for our raffle and the other Blue Dogs that were on the exhibit. For those who are curious to find out who the lucky winner of our raffle was...

Congratulations to Adele England for winning the silkscreen painting of "Butterflies are Free" and the support given to One Man's Treasure!

One Man's Treasure is always thankful for the people who take part into our organization by coming to our events, participating in raffles, volunteering, hosting events, donating, but most importantly spreading the word about our mission and how they have impacted others!

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