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American Airlines CEO, Doug Parker gives back and gives big!

Often you hear about leaders and how they give back but Doug Parker puts a whole new meaning to giving back. Check out what he and his lovely wife Gwen did at a recent holiday party! Because of you and your leadership to your company, we will be able to clothe men with confidence as the reintegrate back into society.

"Every December, Gwen and I throw a holiday party for all @AmericanAir officers and their executive assistants, about 100 couples in total. In lieu of a hostess gift, we ask everyone to make a small donation to a charity of our choice. This year’s charity was @onemanstr, a philanthropic organization serving the DFW area. One Man’s Treasure seeks to empower men recently released from prison by providing them clothing and networking opportunities.

We assumed each couple would bring one or two pieces of clothing, so we’d have 100-200 items to donate. But our officers and executive assistants are an incredibly caring and giving group. Together they donated over 800(!) items of clothing, including more than 300 shirts, nearly 300 pairs of socks and underwear, 85 pairs of pants, 30 winter coats and 20 pairs of work boots. They also contributed more than $1,000 in cash. Annette Jenkins, Director of Development and Program Services for One Man’s Treasure and pictured with me here, was thrilled and said it was the largest donation they'd ever received from a house party. Gwen and I were proud to deliver the items this week on behalf of our guests.

The #AATeam is an incredible group of people who are incredibly generous to the communities we serve, and I am proud to work alongside them."


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