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Sucess Stories


"I just want to say thank you for the clothes and the shoes. They are a blessing. I saw the sign at the prison where I was and I thought to myself that they would be some old clothes. I was impressed that I would receive some good clothes. God knows I don't deserve any of it.  God's grace is amazing for those who have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Thank you very much."

- Joe


"To the wonderful folks at One Man's Treasure:

Thank you so much for the wonderful clothes. I appreciate them so much. I've gotten compliments eyer time I have worn them. Your kindness that you have shown towards me will not be forgotten! Thanks again"




"After being released from incarceration, I called One Man's Treasure. I answered questions about what size and style of clothes that I needed. To know that there are such caring people in the world that want to give us a great fresh start is truly a blessing! Thank you for all you gave me. I started work this last week. The clothes helped! I will start going to my church next week."



R. Hall

"Eight years ago, I was preparing to leave prison and my thoughts were consumed with these questions:

Where am I going to work?

What about clothes?

What about food?

Upon arriving home, I was blessed by a telephone call that clothing would be delivered to me by a Shepard from One Man's Treasure. They were not just any clothes; they were my size and my favorite colors. They were delivered with encouragement, hope and a prayer. God also met all of my other needs in His perfect timing."

-R. Hall


"Leaving prison in the clothes provided by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice serves as a very negative reminder of where we came from. Once I saw myself in the clothes provided by One Man's Treasure, I felt like a real member of society! I felt equal to others around me and immediately had more confidence to make a successful

transition. Thank you for the life changing blessing."


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