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Our increased need for shoe donations: we need your help!

One Man's Treasure needs your help to carry our mission with an important part of each set of clothing! SHOES!!

We are very happy to announce that we have already provide clothing and shoes to over 670 men in 2017 and expect to serve another 750 or more during the remaining months of 2017. That means we will need at least 750 pair of shoes.

Men’s shoes of all kinds and sizes are welcome: dress, casual, tennis shoes, and work boots of all sizes, gently used or new.

Want to help change people's lives? There are many ways you can help:

  • Donate those shoes sitting in your closet that you aren’t wearing anymore!

  • Ask friends or organize a shoe drive at your church or business and call us at 972-771-4141 for a pick up

  • Share this post and spread the word on your social medias

  • Make a donation on our website to help us purchase the shoes and work boots we need.

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