A milestone reached and 10,000 lives touched!

10,000 men milestone

Last month, One Man's Treasure was blessed to reach a special milestone in its mission - the provision of sets of clothing to over 10,000 men since the ministry's founding 13 years ago.

We are thankful to God for His direction and blessings on this ministry that has allowed it to grow in its outreach and to each of you, our donors and volunteers, who have dedicated your time and gifts which were essential in reaching this important step. "One by one, we made a difference together."

As we reflect on this achievement, we want to highlight how these men's lives were improved by the personalized set of clothing we were able to give them, providing a sense of dignity and hope. In most cases, those who came out of prison with the intent to truly change the direction of their lives were able to successfully transition into the community, find employment and lift themselves from poverty. Many were able to return to their families and help provide them with much needed support. Others without families became a positive role model to those around them. Some of these men have become involved in prison ministries and/or serve as shepherds for One Man’s Treasure providing guidance to their former brothers in white as a relatable example of hope for their future.

The success stories of our clients demonstrate that lives are touched by One Man’s Treasure’s ministry and why we are blessed with a low 13.5% recidivism rate among our clients three years after their release from prison shown in our eight recidivism studies. These notes from past clients express how One Man’s Treasure makes a difference…

“Leaving prison in the clothes provided by TDCJ (Texas Department of Criminal Justice)

serves as a very negative reminder of where we came from. Once I saw myself in the clothes provided by One Man's Treasure I felt like a real member of society! I felt equal to others around me and immediately had more of the needed confidence to make a successful transition. Thank you for the life changing blessing….recent recipient."​ “I just wanted to write a brief letter to all those at "One Mans Treasure" to give thanks for all that you have done. There are many things to be anxious about upon release from prison but the big three are the basic necessities of life, (food, shelter, and clothing.) Thanks to One Mans Treasure, one of those basic necessities has been met and it’s alleviated one of my biggest fears. Truly this is the kind of ministry that Christ would say "Well Done ". The core of this ministry is truly love. So thanks again, Thanks! God Bless..."

- Michael

“Dear Volunteers,