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Partnership with Criminal Justice School

One Man’s Treasure has recently partnered with the Windham School District in an effort to expand our ministry’s outreach to indigent men being released from prison.

The Windham School District was founded in October of 1969 by the Texas Board of Corrections to allocate educational opportunities to convicts imprisoned in state prisons. The program started small, with only eight instructors and expanded with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Today, it is nationally recognized as one of the largest correctional education systems, offering various opportunities in literacy, life skills, vocational and post-secondary classes.

We are aligning our ministry’s mission with the Windham School District’s goals to decrease recidivism and boost the success rates of the formerly incarcerated by providing positive incentives to men that will improve their lives upon release. Therefore, the Windham School District will be distributing our organization's clothing application to men returning to the Dallas and surrounding counties going through their programs. We will also have our information included in “The ECHO,” a Texas Department of Criminal Justice publication for those who are in prison. This will allow us to connect to those men who are about to be released into the Dallas area and offer them clothing and support. It is a great partnership for all involved to guide a vulnerable population into becoming productive society members.

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