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#VictoryStory - Meet Yuri

Yuri had a rough upbringing. He sold drugs and got involved in gangs. He spent more than two decades in prison. During his life in prison, Yuri grew tired of the way he'd been living. In 2007, Yuri went through the Kairos program. It was the first time he was shown true love. It changed his life. By August 2008, he'd completely surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. He was inspired - spiritually and musically. Yuri has written more than 10 albums. By 2017, he was singing in prison and he'd joined the leadership team of the Kairos Band. He got involved in other departments, such as the education department where he was able to teach others what he'd learned. Once Yuri was released from prison, he reached out to One Man's Treasure for help and soon after he got his first set of clothes. Below is a personal note by Yuri:

"My name is Yuri. On May 1, I was released from prison after 26 years. While I had support, I did not want to be a complete burden on them. I utilized One Man’s Treasure and in a matter of a couple days, I was sent work, casual, and church clothes, as well as beautiful shoes. The items were of excellent quality, and my sizes. One Man’s Treasure provides an awesome service that has helped not just me but countless other released citizens. Your support would allow this to continue. Thank you."

Because of people like you helping men like Yuri is how #VictoryStories are created. One Man's Treasure is grateful to all the wonderful donors, partners and volunteers that make it all possible

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